Kestrl PLUS is our new paid subscription tier.

Along with improvements to our budgeting and investment tools, you get access to our new Halal Stock Screener, allowing you to research thousands of stocks and see whether they are sharia compliant or not before making your investment decision.


We're also giving you a 7-day FREE TRIAL of Kestrl PLUS, after which you can choose to continue with one of 3 options:

  • 1 month's access: £1.49 a month

  • 6 months' access: £1.25 a month (£7.50 every 6 months)

  • 12 months' access: £1.21 a month (£14.52 every 12 months)


  • Discover: Discover a whole range of shares organised by Investment Themes, from Fintech to Female CEOs.

  • Screen: Screen against 5 internationally recognised Shariah Standards. Choose your own or use all 5 as a filter.

  • Track: Create watch lists of your favorite shares and track the moment their shariah compliancy changes.

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