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Is Kestrl Sharia Compliant?
Is Kestrl Sharia Compliant?

Are we Sharia Compliant and/or Certified?

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Yes! Kestrl is for everyone, but we wanted to make sure we could help the extremely underserved population of British Muslims too. To this end, we need to ensure that everything from our products to our business practices is in line with Islamic or ‘Sharia’ values. We do this in the following ways;

Sharia Advisors:

Amanah Advisors work with Kestrl on an ongoing basis to review and audit all contracts, products and investments brought onto the platform to ensure compliance. See more here:

Sharia Certification

We are extremely pleased to share with you our Sharia Compliance Certification issued by Mufti Faraz Adam at Amanah Advisors. Check it out below;

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